Pyrenees trek

And finally it happened in June 2013. A team of two Canadean, two English and one Danish and one Polish did it. We went to Pyrenees for the trekking adventure.

As usual to get all the best from the trek in a limited time we took a guide – Dan. Dan appeared to be a lover of Pyrennes. The man from the UK who settled there after his service in Foreign Legion. Yes, he gave us a hard but fantastic adventure.

We hiked from France to Spain with pick up from Spain back to France. I wrote is because often you have to get back to France compromising the best trail in a short period of time.
Here you will find some photos.

pyrenees trek 217

pyrenees trek 178

pyrenees trek 035

pyrenees hiking 364

pyrenees hiking 281

pyrenees hike 342

pyrenees hike 336

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