South Africa – Table Mountain trek

We visited South Africa – Cape Town in December 2012.

Our primary goal was to walk from Cape Town to Cape Point through Cape of Good Hope.

We did Hoerikwaggo Trail. The usual direction is from Cape Point to Cape Town. The reason is not logic but very easy to explain. There is a very strong wind from the south. Despite of this we decided to concur south.

Table Mountain is not high (1.085 meters) but you have to bear in mind that during 4 or 5 day trek you go up and down, up and down, up and down ….

The views are magnific having two oceans on sides with incredible flora.

The accommodation is in the camps managed by SAN Parks. They are very well maintained and friendly. We were lucky to be there alone or just with a few other hikers to enjoy evenings J

This is possible and allowed to hike Table Mountain alone but in order to benefit most from short holidays we arranged the guide tour. We were lucky to get Christopher Smith South Africa Western Province Accredited Guide Table Mountain recommended by SAN Park staff.  He ran us through the trails we would never found ourselves.

It was a great trekking advenure.

South Africa - Table Mountain - Cape Point - South Africa - Table Mountain - Cape Point -  Hoerikwaggo trail

South Africa – Table Mountain – Cape Point

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