The position of the Balearic Islands is such that they create a ‘Mediterranean front’ and so local winds are very favorable for sailing. Conditions are usually only bad when other weather fronts prevail which can happen during the winter months. The natural nooks and crannies around the coastline of Mallorca are ideal places for dropping anchor in the calm waters of bays and calas dotted around the island.

We did Mallorca tour in early May when the water was still relatively cold but the great advantage was that the place was not crowdy. I was wondering what people do in busy season for anchoring especially overnight. It is true that some Calas are beautiful but relatively small for 42 feet boat not mentioning 2 or 3.

The wind was good ca 3-6 but blowing with the same force and I liked the waves which were long and bigger than elsewhere.

The north coast is pretty wild with the mountains coming straight from the water. We had a chance to swim in the bay enjoying sun and admiring thunderstorm over the mountains.

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