The Turquoise Coast is a glistening stretch of clear blue sea where gods once played in sublime pebble coves and now spectacular ruins abound. By far the most dramatic way to see this stretch of coastline is by skimming through the crystal waters aboard.
Turkey - sailing

I was sailing in Turkey – Asia a couple of years ago with an experienced Captain and had good memories.
Last year we returned to Turkey and sailed from Bodrum to Marmaris and backwards. The coast line is attractive and people are very friendly.
Turkey - sailing - Bodrum

The downside was that it was too hot for us. We also thought that sailing is the best way to enjoy sun but not to suffer from heat. It Turkey it is hard :).
Also worth to consider is the specificity of the waves made by Meltemi wind: short and bumpy. Maybe some enjoy this 🙂
Turkey - sailing

In Turkey you will pass a lot of gulets like this:

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